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PRE-RIGHTS presented at International Joint Event “Judicial and Police Cooperation: Best Practices”

The PRE-RIGHTS project was presented at the international Joint Event “Judicial and Police Cooperation: Best Practices” organised in Venice on 22-23 September by Agenfor International Foundation in collaboration with the Italian Ministry of Justice.

The event witnessed the presence of several European partners working in the field of European projects on judicial and police cooperation, such as the PRE-RIGHTS project.

During the second public session of the event, relevant topics were tackled: recent legal cases, several doctrinal questions with a view to developing the jurisprudence of national and European Courts related to Special Investigative Techniques, EU judicial cooperation, transfer of evidence and data protection and privacy issues in the digital era. Since prosecutors and authorities are often asked to use multiple instruments for the same transnational investigation, an urgent alignment of EU legislation and instruments within the EU legislative framework is needed. To this end, the implementation of the European Investigation Order (EIO) and European arrest warrant (EAW) will help to increase the capacity of national legal practitioners and authorities to address the issues related to judicial prevention in criminal investigations. The session also offered an insight into the complex relation between technological evolutions and law in a fragmented Europe and how judicial training such as that of PRE-RIGHTS could contribute to fostering a shared judicial culture.

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