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preventive measures on EU Directives
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” Strenghten cooperation
Prevent radicalisation
Enhance security “

The project

PRE-RIGHTS addresses the issue of prevention of radicalisation. “Prevention” is one of the four pillars of the EU Counter-terrorism strategy (2005) – the other three being “protection”, “pursue” and “response” – as well as a decisive component of both the UN Strategy against Terrorism and Organized Crime and the EU Agenda on Security 2015- 2020.

While being an essential element of any strategy aiming to enhance security, preventive measures raise a number of legal, administrative and social concerns that call for strengthened international cooperation.




Objectives To achieve better coordination between Member States, EU institutions/agencies, Council of Europe and UN to promote judicial cooperation concerning the legal prevention of crime in ... Main activities Research: Partners will collect solid data on legal first-line-practitioners concerning their practical experience in addressing different constraints and issues related to the implementation of the ... Funding and duration The project is funded under the European Union’s Justice Programme 2014-2020 (DG Justice) with a total budget of 806.673,00 €. The project started on October ...